Givers give, Takers take

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I have always been attracted to those who unselfishly give of themselves through acts of kindness. They are, in my estimation, authentic leaders. They model the Golden Rule in real-time.

Givers don’t mind making sacrifices for the betterment of others, the greater good, keeping the peace or scoring a win for the good guys.

They rarely ask for attention, accolades or compensation.

Their reward is reaped when they cooperate to benefit the mission or support unity within their group. Occasionally, the Giver might delight peers with a thoughtful gesture or a simple gift. …

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Female sensibility and leadership prove to be superior to that of many male counterparts in our modern world. A recent example of such was demonstrated by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (NY) in response to Ted Yoho’s (FL)boorish conduct toward her on the steps of the United States Capitol Building. While Yoho denies that he did anything wrong, this CNBC article outlines what is more likely to be the truth.


Social Media is facing a conundrum. How can we uphold freedom of expression while preventing hate and disinformation from laying tracks? Where does one draw the line between free speech and hate speech? When is the use of censorship appropriate?

The answer seems easy at first. There is no line to draw. There should be NO censorship. Zero controls prohibiting individuals from expressing what is on their minds. After all, adults can discern fact from fiction, right from wrong, truth from fabrication. Well, for the most part, they can. Usually…

A Snap Election in September is a good strategic move

Justin Trudeau — Prime Minister of Canada edited by author

I happen to like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and I am thankful that he is leading Canada through the pandemic response. He is doing a good job despite the grenade lobbing from the far-right wingnuts and the Conservative Party.

He gets along well with President Biden and hit it off with President Obama too. This makes relations with our American friends pleasant and often mutually beneficial. Who wouldn’t want that?

Justin Trudeau handled Trump quite aptly. No easy task. I respect his poise and composure in dealing with that bully. Not everybody would have been so gracious. …

Neither does the Bully

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When the bully in your world appears to be taking on a new form, sit up and pay attention.

You might notice a strange shift in demeanour. Rather than using strong-arm tactics to push others around, feigning concern about a mutual cause or shedding crocodile tears to garner sympathy, the Bully will create confusion by adjusting its methods.

This modification will cause you to wonder if the Bully might actually be changing its spots. It isn’t. They do not change.

Nevertheless, you will feel somewhat bewildered. You might even think you are witnessing an authentic metamorphosis. The transformation will…

Responsibility. Duty. Obligation.

This is the message that governments and health officials should have been sending as soon as vaccines became available.

Of course, the distractions created by the orange clown and his congress of miscreants have made it difficult to hear anything other than the fallout of their misdeeds.

Take comfort. We will get through this. Those of us who are eligible and have chosen to be vaccinated are also the ones stocking up on toilet paper and pantry items. We might walk away a little bent, but we won't be totally broken. WE are stronger than that.

Thank you for helping your readers know that many others share the same frustration and rage.

Balance, Fairness, Justice, Social Equality

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When we tie ourselves too tightly to one viewpoint, one perspective, one ideology, one conviction, we limit ourselves from experiencing the broadest value life has to offer. Not only that, we extinguish possibilities for further personal and societal advancement. Extreme beliefs derail progress.

Caution is called for when one begins to embrace extremes.

Absolute belief in a single person, religion, political party or media faction is dangerous. There is always more behind the facade extremists present. …

The description of your grandfather hits me right in the funny bone. I've had a delightful belly laugh in reading about him.

Isn't it wonderful to reminisce about the eccentricities of our loved ones? In the same instant, we secretly hope that we haven't been tarred with the same brush.

I love where you've gone with this story - offering an explanation for a condition that is virtually unexplainable. "They are the conspiracy."


Observer of life. In most cases, there is always more to the story.

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