5 min readJan 12, 2021


What we have recently witnessed in the USA should give all sane, reasonable North Americans pause for thought. The potential for further acts of domestic terrorism is very high, not only in the US but in Canada too. Canada has its own gang of Q-loons. The madness that has tied itself to Sideshow Don’s campaign is flooding into Canada’s right-wing extremist community. They are building, gathering and prepping. The momentum of this movement is not over by a long shot.

The message boards are lit up, claiming an assault on free speech and alt-right media is crying the blues because poor Donnie lost his privilege to post and tweet. Canada could face similar destruction if its Feds fail to cut the Q-loons off at the pass. The conspiracy believers will not let up and there appears to be no way to redirect their convictions. They have long forgotten the world that the rest of us see.


The Q cult is a curious movement to observe. Followers have bought into it without knowing the identity behind the Q. They profess to be woke yet, it is not the same kind of woke that those who practice spirituality, read the Tarot and meditate experience. No, conversely, they appear to be disenfranchised from society and believe they have always received the short end of life’s stick. They invest their energy into vindication for the victimhood they suffer — real or imagined. Q makes them feel special. It provides its own brand of knowledge that mainstream folk just don’t have access to. They feel “seen” by an entity they know nothing about but take comfort in the fact that they finally belong to a club. A place to fit. This Q home for gullible, paranoid, delusional, disillusioned souls.

Whomever is clicking the keyboard behind the scenes at Q is having a great deal of fun at the expense of many desperate people. People willing to participate as lab rats in this bizarre experiment, which suggests they might be seeking reasons to feel useful, valued, loved, maybe even superior. Eg: “I know something you don’t know”.


There has been a surprisingly quick descent into scary depths of radicalization among the Q ranks. It’s frightening to realize that some anonymous party has persuaded…


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