Predictable Prickery

And other games played by a crooked Minority Leader

3 min readJul 22, 2021


Kevin McCarthy — Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Why is KKKevin McCarthy being such an a$$hole about recommending reasonable congress critters to Nancy Pelosi for the January 6 Select Committee?

That isn’t a rhetorical question. Think about the possible reasons for his odd withdrawal of all his Republican reps from the investigation. Think about the strategy we all knew he’d use to wriggle out of the corner he’d been sent to sit in.

Sabotaging the mission of Pelosi’s select committee is the obvious reason but there is far more to it than that. The timing is interesting given the recent arrest of Tom Barrack, Trump’s inaugural committee chair who has been accused of stacking the deck with powerful UAE leaders. Maybe one has nothing to do with the other yet, I can’t leave it alone. There’s a link to the orange clown and his dirty deeds somewhere in this latest abomination.

It is a scary place to allow one’s thoughts to wander but go ahead and risk it. Just allow your imagination to take you there. What is really going on behind those dull, barren eyes of his? What does he really know? Who and what is he trying to protect? How many of his pals were in on the attempted coup? Why is he in so deep that he’d rather ante up than fold?

He acted out his emotional drama for the cameras today after Pelosi rejected two of his best water boys for the select committee. When he couldn’t shove dumbbell “Gym” Jordan and GOP soldier Jim Banks down Pelosi’s throat, KKKevin pretended to get his poor little feelings all twisted in a knot. He pulled all five boys from the game then, scooped up his chips and went home.

He proves how utterly obtuse he is every day. But such a jerk too! Really, how much f*ckery can one political party get away with?

You will normally find him with his mouth open, loudly flapping absurdities. You know what they say about somebody who is always talking? They don’t make much time for listening. And, if you let them talk long enough, you’ll begin to see where they’re headed.

Today was no exception. Aside from throwing shade at those radical Dems and setting up a lead-in to announce his own special committee (that will die on the vine), what other cards is he hiding up…




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