Progressive Middle Ground

Balance, Fairness, Justice, Social Equality

3 min readAug 7, 2021


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

When we tie ourselves too tightly to one viewpoint, one perspective, one ideology, one conviction, we limit ourselves from experiencing the broadest value life has to offer. Not only that, we extinguish possibilities for further personal and societal advancement. Extreme beliefs derail progress.

Caution is called for when one begins to embrace extremes.

Absolute belief in a single person, religion, political party or media faction is dangerous. There is always more behind the facade extremists present. They want to convince us that they hold the map that will lead to perfection - Mecca, Eden, LaLa Land or wherever they say it is.

Avoid those who profess to hold the map. They are merely flawed human beings peddling their wares. And, they are liars!

Navigating the map while upholding respect and equality for everybody means taking it one step at a time - using care not to trod upon others along the way. No extreme measures. No running amok.

Be wary of those who constantly criticize reasonable and moderate attempts at leadership. They use distraction to conceal their own agenda. In North America, we are all familiar with the outcries over a tan suit and the disparaging name, “sock boy”.

You might not recognize the insults as coming from extremism because, on the surface, it is only name-calling. Fun. Shiny. Stimulating. But, the childish rants of far-right conservatives and fascist zealots are used to hide plans much too ugly to reveal.

We will only see what they’ve got cooked up inside after they remove the crunchy candy coating it’s covered in.

Photo by Heng Films on Unsplash modified by author

Extremes cannot walk us down the middle path of well-being and unity.

Extremes are, by nature, unbalanced. They cannot help us achieve objective moderation as we traverse our human and collective journeys. Nor will extremes accommodate fairness and justness - locally or globally.




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