The Game of Life is now one of Snakes & Ladders

3 min readJun 21, 2020

The snakes have taken over the game board. Unless you live under a rock, you can’t help but experience the negative impact caused by the denigration of the well-established rules.

In North America alone, over 130,000 souls have taken their exit in just a few short months, due only to a viral pandemic that could have been much better managed. Grief, mourning and outrage have been the result.

Mind-numbing. Gut wrenching.

In recent days, the spotlight has been focused on racialized citizens. A problem that has been simmering for so long that it has finally reached a boiling point. There’s hardly any liquid left in the pot though. That hard boil could soon turn into a 5 alarm fire. We need to tend to it now.

Also in the spotlight, are those who have chosen a career in which they vowed to serve and protect citizens yet have failed to meet their commitment. Their colleagues, who perform the role with good ethics and morality feel that they’ve been branded with the Badge of Shame. We know that isn’t the case. We can support good public servants yet demand those who don’t do their job to the required standards, be removed from their role to face legal and moral judgement.

Then, there is the great divide in the philosophies of exactly how the game should be played. After a relatively joyful, peaceful string of games in recent history, the chief snake has caused major chaos and uncertainty across the board. Great damage has been inflicted on the walls and furniture of the playroom by the snake-lings playing for the snake’s team. As an observer of this match, it is difficult not to feel, at gut level, the collective hostility and profound sadness that occurs each time the snake rolls his weighted dice. It becomes more painful when the scaly heathen spews venom on those who oppose his underhanded swindling.

The turmoil is unearthing the underbelly of the snake and the inequities in our societies are being thoroughly exposed. We can no longer deny it. No longer look away from how malformed it really is.

That gross, slithering beast coming up from the underworld is showing us how easy it is for obscene immorality to overtake the good will of moderate, democratic people. We watch the churning from our…




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