Prairie Nightmare

Premiers Scott Moe & Jason Kenney negligent

2 min readOct 12, 2021


Prairies Record Country’s Highest COVID-19 Death Rates!

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Regardless of Scott Moe’s finger-pointing, the citizens of Alberta and Saskatchewan are not to blame for this debacle. Nor is the federal government.

Lack of competent provincial leadership is the only reason we face the unnecessary and horrific mass infection and death situation.

This Globe and Mail article from October 11 is sobering to read right after the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. The next few weeks are sure to tell a tale of increased cases and deaths.

The responsibility for the untenable circumstance sits directly with Premiers Kenney and Moe. Nobody else is to blame. Kenney’s apology rings hollow, while Moe cannot summon the decency to apologize.

They have blatantly misled the people of their provinces by making the deadly choice to #reopenSaskatchewan and have #thebestsummerever rather than responsibly manage the situation. They chose recreation and the economy over human life. Think about that.

I wrote about my concerns here on July 18.

Moe and Kenney have completely crippled our already tenuous healthcare systems. They disregarded doctors, nurses and support personnel while overwhelming hospital capacities. Political opposition and the medical community screamed at Moe and Kenney to stop as they abandoned all caution. Neither demonstrates regard for the predictable and obvious consequences of their actions.

But clearly, those decisions were not dangerous and negligent enough. These two gamblers then sent unvaccinated, maskless children back into classrooms in September. Now hundreds of children under 12 years old are infected with COVID in classrooms every day. Transmission is rampant at the elementary level.

There were many models to support continuing with public health orders already in place, but both Moe and Kenney dismissed them.

Some 20 months after the initial declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Moe has discovered a new and novel way to absolve himself of responsibility. He has engaged the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) to lead the emergency management response to COVID-19.

While the PEOC has experience with managing the deployment of personnel in the case of flood or fire, it is not known how much benefit they can provide in the world of grossly underfunded, significantly understaffed hospitals during a global pandemic. It remains to be seen.

But let’s not gloss over the real reason the PEOC has been brought on board. It is solely to take the heat off Moe. The PEOC will be the next scapegoat when Moe points his hubris-laden, famous finger of blame.




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